Game theory – Pc games

Sunless sea –
Sunless sea has the player control a ship which explores various islands of the coast of a Fallen London. The game has survival elements which has you managing fuel supplies and food, vital to the progression of your voyage. This ties into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with safety and needs, ensuring your own security and safety, not only this but also Physiological needs such as rest which the game has a terror meter which rises the further out in unknown seas you are. Exploration is also a big part of the game which of course appeals to explorers, discovering new islands, tales, items and people are at the core of the game which means that players who are disinterested in exploration will most likely not find the flow in this. Another important note is sensation which this game masterfully captures, with the sound and art style perfectly capturing the mode of the world. Narrative is also a huge part of the game with reading text a big part of progressing and unravelling stories and mysteries.
Civilisation 5 –
The game that perfectly harnesses the “one more turn” mentality, getting many people in the state of flow, myself included due to its addicting nature of progress. You have control over your cities, production, culture, religion etc. Which makes for incredible depth which keep you entertained for long periods of time as you experiment with the different possibilities of progression. Exploring is a big element uncovering them map, trying to find new cities and leaders. It also appeals to a large amount of people because you can play it in different ways for example, one may play being a killer winning by total extermination o all other nations, whereas somebody else could socialise with other leaders and win by a diplomatic peaceful victory. You also act on the world by expanding your cities and you get a progress report showing how you did compared to others, which will appeal to achievers. Whilst the socialising is on the weaker side it is still here with multiplayer, allowing you to talk and figure out there agenda and goal which all in all has all the elements of Richard Bartels four types of player. Of course it still ranges but you can see how the target demographic can be so big with it having something for everyone. it also incorporates Marc Leblancs fantasy, narrative with players creating there own and challenge.
Hearthstone –
Hearthstone is a competitive card game that has a good amount of Alea(chance) but still skill trumps all which makes it especially appealing to Agon(competitive) players. The game also gives you goals which if completed rewards you with gold, this can then be used to purchase cards and thus the cycle continues. Or for the impatient you can buy packs. The game is largely for killer and competitive players. Due to the challenge level I find it hard to find the flow but I do find the appeal in the game, I feel if I kept with the game and built up a good number of cards I would like the game more. It holds the game back but also what makes it so fun, collecting cards and hoping for that one rare card you wanted. Either way this is one of the best ways to make a card game in my opinion, many physical card games go this route – buying packs and not knowing whats inside.
Crashlands –
A survival game which has the players ship marooned on a unknown planet. Maslows hierarchy plays a big part in this having the player creating a house for security, collecting resources for weapons, buildings and what not can be addicting. Others may find it tedious and not find the flow. Discovery is also a big part with the player exploring the world and the different biomes it has to offer, different resources and better equipment may be able to be crafted the further out you explore. There is also an element of challenge with the enemies having different combos which the player has to learn, also sensation plays a part with a charming art style.
The worlds hardest game –
The title makes it apparent that this game will appeal to one that seeks challenge. Achievers also applies due to players being able to brag about what level they got to and in how few deaths. Due to the challenge being high from relatively the off go, it may make it hard for some players to find the flow, however this is what makes it so addicting learning and perfecting the path to complete the level which will gradually improve the players skill level. the game also fulfils the players esteem needs with them feeling accomplished when they finish a level they have been trying so hard to beat.
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Sunless sea –
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Worlds hardest game –

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