Prudential tower progress 2

Yesterday I continued with modelling my building, I had planned to add detail to it but the topology was still to unoptimized to what it could be. I have an over reliance on swift loops which creates unnecessary polys around the building which could be avoided using different techniques, such as insetting for the windows then adding window frames for depth and using a plane behind to fill in the gap.



For the tower you can see the difference already from using modular windows instead of swift looping and extruding the windows in, that is without any details to the windows too. With the modular you can rearrange, add details and save a considerable amount of polys which you can clearly see by this image.


For the arches I also used connect in order to get more edges without creating unnecessary polys, then use target weld in order to create less polys.

Overall I need to learn and incorporate new methods whilst carrying on optimizing my current building, this will allow me to texture more easily and allocate more system resources to go to higher resolution textures and other assets.



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