Prudential tower progress

Over the past few days I have been working on modelling the Prudential tower building. Many parts of the building can be built in a modular fashion which saves huge amount of time, as you can see from the first to screenshot below. As you have seen from my previous research the western side is largely the same, whereas the eastern side has the three of the same type of style but with a door in the arch section.



I used this as a simple to scale grey block for Unreal.



As you can see here the topology is not the cleanest, so I rebuilt these with better topology which you will see further down.creating-gutter



New and old topology side by side.


Implementing chimneys to the top of the building, I noticed whilst looking through research that they are slightly different with one having two spouts and another having four.


Here I was adding windows to the tower, it’s using a fair amount of polys and they do not have an awful lot of detail yet so this is a problem I will need to look into.


I was going to inset and bevel the top but the topology got to messy this way, so I decided to build it with a modular top.


Here I was adding the four triangular tops with the cross on them.


I was also going to mirror the tower to save some time, but on some blueprints there are some different details on the eastern side which where to important to overlook.

tower-spireeast-building-detaildoor-eastThis was particularly tricky with the blueprint showing intricate detail on the inside of the arch, however going on this information alone it is hard to determine the exact look and photo evidence is hard to come by. This is an issue I need to work on and improve. The arch also looked block like which I temporally fixed by smoothing it, but I may need to remodel if it looks to noticeable. adding-doors

quick render 2.jpg

Here is a quick render in its current state.

There is still a lot further to go in regards to finishing the model and a lot of extra detail that needs adding to many places. The scale is also a little off which is my next priority, the tower needs to be attached to the right building but at the minute they are not touching. The roof on the right side also is a little concerning because I used a modular method, so the textures may not look seamless but I am confident there will be a way around this. Also the building on the right closest to the tower needs the roof to be raised in the same fashion as the others but this may look off. Once this is solved I can then move onto adding detail to the buildings and importing the windows on the tower, then refine topology and the arched doorway.


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