Grey blocking for heritage project

Today we started creating more accurate grey blocks to import into unreal, whilst some of us were hitting some set backs to do with scaling we eventually found a solution and imported to the right scale.



Due to the shape of the building I used primitive boxes in order to get the right size.











I then got the basic shapes of the building and started to build them using the modular method, this allows me to copy and paste the next three so I do not have to repeat the details.


I then created the tower with the estimated height I calculated. After this I imported it into unreal just to get an idea of the scale of the building and whether it needed corrections. Which is when we had the scaling problem, after this however I realised the shape needed changing into more of an angle.



I then started adding detail to the windows but they were rather inaccurate.



So I started them again, this time going with a more accurate representation of them.


Here from the sky view you can get a clearer idea of the shape of the building and it’s size.


These will need to be built again with better topology flow and less polys for optimization.


predential tower f.JPG


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