Game idea notes

Platfrom – Mobile
Generally the fewer interactions the more addicting, so try and think of a simple control scheme.
Rogue like? When you die you start again, such as the research I did on redungeon. Gives the player the incentive to start again to try and beat there score. I like the idea of going down this route do to the reason above, it does not have to be overly complicated but the mechanics and control scheme have to be well thought out in order for it to work effectively.
one tap limits it to mostly jumping, or potentially dodging, tap and hold you could get more creative. There is an interesting game called super arc light in which you tap and hold which allows you to shoot, but once you tap again it switches and goes into the other direction. It sounds confusing but you will get the idea after watching this clip – Something as simple as this can be an effective addicting game.
So up to now I like the idea of a game like super arch light, super hexagon and redungeon, the first two are similar in some regards were as Redungeon is slightly more complex. Maybe mixing them all up into something like a rogue like, with simple controls and hard gameplay. Potentially the player will tap, lose control and regain control but requires precision.
What tools and engines to use for mobile games.
After looking at some research on different types of engines I have decided to give Styncyl a try. It is a coddles lightweight game creator and seems like a good fit for my game. Unreal on the other hand seems to heavy and intensive for such as small game.
Working title – PLANET HOPPER
Player commandeers a small ship which orbits around a planet. The players goal is to try and jump to as many planets as they can to obtain a high score, which then can be used on a leaderboard to compete against friends and the world. Once they jump to another planet the ship will spin the opposite way to how it orbited before, so from clockwise to counter, then back again. Whether or not I should implement a way to switch direction I am not sure on, but for now I will keep it like that. Planets range in sizes and also effect the ship, smaller planets make the ship spin faster, whereas bigger are slower. So as the game progresses the planets will have more smaller types, which are harder to aim for and cause the ship to move faster. The further the player gets the more obstacles they will face, such as planets that move and astroids which will get in the way of the players jump path – this means the player will have to wait in order to jump by making a second orbit. I am also trying to find ways of incorporating blackholes, supernovas, gravity effects which can lead to gravity assists.
To put pressure on the player I am considering using a supernova blast, which will act as a wall of fire behind the player if they spend a long enough time on one planet. By doing this it increases the players chance of error upping the difficulty. Black holes could change the trajectory of the ship, or if it gets to close suck it in. Gas clouds and dust could conceal parts of planets and make it harder to see, so the player will have to judge how big the planet is.
Ui wise I want it to be kept as minimal as possible so the player can fully focus on the game, so I am considering just having the planet number at the top and a pause button.

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