Cats documentary notes

3 key methods of note taking
prose notes –
most detail, full sentence, paragraph
Keyword notes
take brief notes and then research the keyword or use them as a trigger to remember
effective during lectures
Mind map
Colouring coding mind maps can help associate different topics with the colours
Note making tips –
don’t copy the whole original text
not to detailed but also not to brief
looked to cluttered
use headings
new page for different notes
bullets points can greatly help organise
 bob tv hull college resources
Game design documentary –
BBC two show HORIZON
talking about how games are evolving through the times
the controversy surrounding them
is it all true?
can video games turn us into aggressive monster?
self control impaired
what do they do to our brain
hidden benefits to games?
Has dramatic music playing
shows different types of video games
statistics uk biggest industry in europe
talking about stereotypes
more gamers over 35
half are female
popularity on rise
something for every taste
headlines on news such as corruption
tradiotnal media tabloids tv – bubble up when something controversial happens
1997 3d graphics emerging, complete game by killing all pedestrians can win – carmigedon
Argues don’t mean anything
can exposure to virtual violence change the player? make you violent if you play violent game?
craig anderson
1990s can violent game make violent in real world
20 years been studying
1 kind of game or another, impact on emotion?
game including more violent themes and more popular
brad works with craig studying the effects
different from violent media because you have to pay attention
directly tied to violent character
same perspective in shooter
rewarded for acting aggressive in certain types of games
participant believe that they are hurting another person but are not
play violent or no violent game
then measured using equipment
see the effects
competitive reaction time test
tell the participant going to compete for reaction times
who loses gets a blast of obnoxious noise winner doe snot
get to chose how serve the noise blast is
that is the measure of aggression
research groups how different was such as electric shocks
hot chilli
ice water
all used for level of aggression
did not matter which one – play  violent game increases aggression form 4% to 9%
shifted dynamics made odds a little higher – more likely to give aggressive response
change the way they act in the real world –
used college students
random assigned to pay very violent game for 20 min
then other non violent
two measure
heart rate
skin conductionce
markers of stress or fear
showed them real clips of violent scenes after the game
such as shootings or prison fights
people react differently
would the group playing the violent game be disturbed less? found less of a reaction than the other who played the non violent game
desensitised them to violence, tends to have the person to think more aggressively more accepting of real world violence
chrism fergison –
video games should have a very obvious evidence
due to more violence but youth violence is falling in US
which does not correlate to the popularity to games
gun violence youth violence non correlate
change in parenting practice or schools?
one correlation has an immediate decline in violence when new violent video game comes out
young guys who have violent tendency but play game sit takes there mind off it
so if they stay inside they have less opportunity to act on there violent traits
family environment is a factor personality traits
do games promote violence
his studies say no
growing group academics believe this study also
divison is rarely mentioned in the media
media sensationalises games violence due to misunderstanding
ion has worked on for over 40 year including tomb raiding
argues that many have not played games who judge it
high emotion come through such things like politics or a football match
tim schafer
argues about comic books and movies now video games are the new thing to blame
andrew psychology of motivation –
not one straw that breaks the camels back
could be a number of factors
they have a different experiment
could it be something else within the game?
Using tetris  which is not violent
similar game called – bastet
it does not play fair
algorithm gets the hardest piece which is the worst possible piece
before playing all had discomfort of ice cold water for 25 secs
they had a choice after
bastet had 7 more seconds in water than those in the normal version of tetris
caused by something else- frustration
what is it about the game that makes someone feel like that?
is there a build up on the game as they play?
all have failed in proving a conclusion
rene weber –
scan brains as they play
distinct pattern of playing
non and violent interaction
such as maze or killing opponent
one clear response usually omigtala but was not
 found cortex surpass to violence
has effect on brain definite proof but not conclusive
simone koon
not unique to games
regulating emotions
always occurs when modulating emotional response
does not proof it can make us violent in the real world
95% suitable for under 18s
more types of game for different people
transport you to another world have an emotional connection to it
south korea
pathilogical addiction to games
mark  expert on addiction
depends on the rewards systems
psychological rewards such as the stragegy working out
online about working with a group
can negatively effects brain
delayed discounting
preference for a smaller reward in game over longer term such as studying
£11 pounds or wait for 19 in £30 days
preference for immediate reward compared to healthy volunteers going with the future reward
sophie shows normal response to reward even though her habits are excessive
scanning brain to register impulses
respond how quickly to shapes
medialfrontalcortex in brain how you judge a value of the goal, more impulsive have greater activity
activity is in the middle which means she was healthy
game addiction is less than 1% one person thinks, do not link excess with addiction
everything in moderation, game can be addictive but not in the scientific sense
minecraft being used in schools for children to express their creativity or can be used for people to learn new skills
uses wii with a specialised accessory which this game helps surgeons practice there dexterity
normal methods have no mental challenge
younger surgeons have better skills
game was designed to train surgeons
those who do well within this game do better with surgery
could video games be good for us?
public take test to measure attention
most smiling faces are yellow 1-6 can be blue
face then change to yellow
was the face yellow or blue?
highly demanding task
32 members
out of those the ones that play games are better at tracking
could normally track 6 rather than the normal 4
some games require extra attention over targets and some have you monitoring so constant demand shifting attention all demanding
does playing games effect changes in the brain
some people playing others are not in this experiment
increase in volume indicates some brains increase in the spacial navigation another strategic planning then fine motor skills
by playing mario it increased all these
people can transfer these skills into real life and can be beneficial to everyone
can improve cognitive abilities
can they be used to combat mental decline?
but pressure on game mechanics such as multitasking – could it improve these skills?
Have to drive car on road maintain on road also signs appear which they have to press button at right time and right colour/shape
increased multitasking and working memory
dividing options on violence
can be used for learning, increased cognitive abilities
ever increasing in popularity and only just now understanding the potentials

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