Game project research

What platform will be best to develop for? If I am creating a game from scratch by myself then developing for console will most likely be the hardest. PC would be viable, but I believe mobile would be the best option to go for. By doing this I know it is possible to create something in the timeframe given which could potentially make it to an app store if the game gets finished.
Mobile games?
games like Super hexagon, Non stop knight, Sky force, Power hover, Pako, Inks, Redungeun. Here are just some of the mobile games that come to mind when I think about what I could achieve in the time frame. Most probably not to the same quality but hopefully something that comes close.
The most simple of these is superhexagon. The game works due to its hard difficulty and simps left and right mechanic which makes it simple yet addicting, perfect for a mobile game were you don’t want to spend a long time but just a quick five minute waiting. It uses bright vivid colours which flash creating  and the environment spins which creates the feeling of disorientation and confusion making it all the more harder, the shapes get harder as you survive until you inevitably hit a wall. This makes the art style rather simple and minimalistic which makes me feel like a game like this is most achievable.
Next game is non stop knight. The main feature of this game is that your knight carries on fighting even when you are not there, which means that you earn gold(as your knight kills enemies) until you come back. The game makes sure you have to come back for the boss fights, which you have to be there for in order to progress. Once the boss is killed you get rewarded with loot and a lot of gold which means that you can upgrade your knights armour, weapon and cloaks. You can also play the game anytime and because you have no control over your knight in who he fights, the game needs to give you some control over his actions. This is were the abilities come in, You can have 3 docked and they have cool down times when used, there are different types such as slam, leap, clone and more which can be upgraded as you level up making them all the more powerful. the art style is cartoony and colourful and makes it easy to see your abilities hitting the enemies, the screen does not get overwhelmed by fancy effects or explosions; it’s clean and simple.
Skyforce is a classic arcade type game, were it has a top down camera of a plane that you can control by moving it with your finger. Planes then fly at you and you have to dodge there projectiles and destroy as many as you can to earn the most points, then at the end of the level is a boss fight which usually consist of dodging many projectiles on screen, whilst you also try to destroy the weapons that are firing at you. There is also health bar at the top showing the bosses health. Planes are not the only threat however, there are also ground and sea forces that also pose a threat. At the end of a mission you can also upgrade your plane with such option of health, shield, weapons, magnet etc. The currency used is stars which you get by destroying enemies then picking them up as which you can see on the image below. The graphics on this would most likely be unachievable with my abilities and time frame given, still it looks undeniably good and is impressive giving how smooth it runs.
Power hover is a game which has the player press the left or right side of the screen in order turn in order to dodge obstacles and collect power cells. Its a simple premise but an addicting one at that, as you progress the levels get harder and more elaborate with more traps, obstacles and mines. The game also has a cartoony minimalistic look which holds a certain charm to it.
Pako is a car game in which you control the car by either going left or right in a small area, the car moves by itself so once you start you can’t stop until you crash. You have to see how long you can survive before you crash, there is no health bar or anything once you touch something your car explodes. Not only this but there are cops chasing you which you have to swerve in and out of. Depending on the map also they are normal cars driving dow nth road and the odd tank firing a projectile just to complicate things. The game is addicting with a one more turn feeling due to the sessions being relatively short since you normally crash on about the 1 minute mark, the game makes it easy to jump back in and try to beat your highscore. You can also see your world rank and your friends ranks creating competition, also makes it harder for achiever players to resist.
Inks is a stylised unique take on pinball with the aim of the game to hit all the colours on the pinball table in order to progress. It take a simple concept such as pinball and makes it into something new and unique just by using colours, my words do the style disservice, take a look at the image below –
Last but not least is a game called Redungeon. The premise is simple, navigate your knight across a deadly dungeon full of traps and enemies, the goal is to see how far you can get and is displayed in metres. By traversing the dungeon you can also collect gold which then can be used to upgrade your knight, such as upgrading the shield so you can take another hit or you could buy a new character all together which have there own benefits. The one I have just unlocked for example allows you to jump over cobwebs, which normally you would get stuck activating a quicktime event with you have to press the directions indicated. To navigate you can move forward, backward, left or right and you have to tap each time you want to move. This allows you to move with precision meaning you can work out which way you want to go up ahead. But it also means that one wrong tap can kill you. the best part about the game however is the fact that it never feels unfair, it is always your mistake that causes your death. The game also has an 8 bit style which suits the gameplay and makes it a perfect fit for a mobile game.
Image credit –
Non stop knight
Power hover

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