Art styles within games

Games can be defined by many things, the genre, difficulty, story but the art style is one that leaves a big impression. It’s one of the first things we judge a game on, if it looks bad or the style does not fit it can leave a bad taste before we have even started. Games companies can even be recognised by there styles, Blizzard is one of the first to come to mind with there unique colourful style which sticks out from the rest of the gaming industry.


The style is well defined, easy to read and colourful. It is not to overbearing which makes it easier for the player to navigate.


The games architecture also has classic medieval architecture


If we  to another game such as The Witcher 3 you will see that they are going for a super realistic graphical look, trying to push the boundaries of technology and what can be achieved.


Dynamic whether can also take effect with heavy rain, thunderstorms and the likes. These don’t only affect the look of the world but also effect the way the NPCs act within the game, they will run under trees, go indoors and comment on the whether. Little details like this add to the immersion greatly and certainly make it a more believable world.


The cities are also beaming with life thanks to the wide array of things going on. You have NPCs with markets, guards patrolling the city, entertainers, bars, side quests the list could go on. The shear amount of activity in the city is overwhelming. Classical medieval buildings are here, stone and wood are among the majority along with towers and forts. The cities are also filled with smaller details such as creates, lanterns, boards going across puddles, bags of food, carts etc.


Fez is an 8 bit puzzle game that puts a unique twist on the mechanics.


Initially you would think this to be a traditional 8 bit 2d game. But once you start playing you will quickly learn this to be untrue. In order to proceed the game wants you to change perspective by turning either left or right, which then allows for new avenues to progress.

The trailer shows how the perspective mechanic works.

The colour palette is also bright vivid and colourful making the game easy on the eyes and a joy to look at.

These are just some examples of the different types of art styles within games, showing how important they are at leaving an impression. I will carry on making blogs like this with more examples of games art styles in the future, this should help with research for the heritage projects and my game theory project coming up when thinking about the art style I want my game to be.

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World of warcraft –

Word of warcraft town –

Witcher 3 image 1 –

Wither 3 image 2 –

Witcher 3 image 3 –


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