History of gamification

Gamification is applying game elements and implementing them into the real world. This has a broad scope of what it could be applied for and many companies use gamification in order to help their business. I will go into this in more depth on the next blog for part 2 – 2.2, but for this topic I will look into the history and how it came to be. The first person to coin the term was a man named Nick Pelling in 2003. However, further research suggest that gamification was used before that it just simply did not have a name. It first started as business trying to reward customer’s loyalty by giving loyal customers stamps, which surprisingly was in 1896. It was not until 1981 when the next major advancement of gamification came into play, with reward cards from companies such as American airlines and a few years later Holiday inn. Then fast forward a few more years until 2002 and you have the name coined, but it is interesting that the name took so long to develop. It is theorised that this is because the generation that grew up with gaming in the 80’s/90’s has become the people implementing such ideas which was inspired by reward systems in games, but also more comfortable with such concept due to being exposed to it.


Technology has also played a major role and a boom in gamification, with implementation of augmented reality – using your phones camera to view the world with digital input, whether that be graphics or sounds etc. Pokémon go revolves around this technology, allowing you to see Pokémon in the real world and gamifies walking in order for you to catch them. By having technology like this, many new ideas can immerge and innovate and go beyond the typical loyalty card we see in so many places.







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