Gamification today

Gamification today has been incorporated into many lifestyles without people realising. Whether it be in there app or favourite shop they like to go to, it subtle influences them to carry on using the app or shop because of gamification. By offering rewards and benefits it is hard to break away from the system they have in place, allowing them to capitalise on this. For example, if you shop at a certain supermarket; Tesco lets say, you can get a Clubcard which allows you to get points when you buy items from the store. These points are then used to get discount on purchases in the future. You also get rewarded for being a Clubcard user by getting vouchers on various different things, such as transport and holidays etc. Now that they get rewarded for shopping at Tesco they are less likely to shop at another supermarket, due to you already having points at Tesco. Even if another supermarket has better rewards, you still have all the Clubcard discount you worked so hard to accumulate, plus the chances are you are more of a loyal customer to Tesco.


An app I use called has a different take on gamification, as you can see from the screenshot below.


They call it hotel rewards which allows you to have a free night if you use the app to purchase ten nights in a hotel(does not have to be the same one). As you can see I have two nights already so If I was looking for a hotel again, I would be slightly be more inclined to use this app rather than another. The closer it got to the tenth night the more inclined I would be to purchase through this app. Once I did get the free night however, I may be a much more loyal customer to because I would appreciate the free night.



You can also see from the above screen shot that they have a levelling up system of sorts. Once you get to a silver membership you get special priorities over the regular user such as myself. Once you get to silver you get 24/7 customer service, hassle free movement guarantee and first to know about promotions and deals. By seeing the progress bar and knowing the benefits to the silver membership, it motivates you to purchase more nights with this app. Having progression involved is a strong incentive and the status of silver will be appealing to customers. There is also a gold membership which I found out by clicking on the details of silver, this is most likely due to not making it seem as though their are not as many steps to reach the top.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 12.42.47.png

It would seem more than anything, that gold is there more as status than anything else. You get better deals, still it seems the same as silver in most regards,  you most likely just get better support and slightly better advantages over silver. It would also seem judging by the bottom that you lose your membership if you do book thirty nights over the period of a year. If that is the case then loss aversion comes into play with customers not wanting to lose the advantages of gold.




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