Using marmoset toolbag

After hearing about Marmoset toolbag yesterday I decided to download it and start practicing with it now. I created a lighthouse in the summer for practice with texturing in 3ds max, so I decided to use that model and import it into tool bag.

Here is a few screenshots of the lighthouse being created in 3ds max –


I used the FFD modifier in order to bend the middle in order to get a more realistic lighthouse shape.



3ds max lighthouse final render

In order to get realistic looing PBR textures I used bitmap2material.

Using bitmap to create lighthouse texture.JPG

Then using the material editor I assigned the maps into there places.

using marmoset toolbag.JPG

Here are some of the shots I got within Toolbag.


Regarding the software the lighting reflects of the textures more realistically than 3ds max and gives you a lot of customization in regards to the effects you can produce with the camera and textures. I still need to become better acquainted as I know you can get a much better look than the renders above. The uv unwrapping needs touching up and the textures could be better customized on B2M, but as a first look it seems like great software to showcase your models.


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