Heritage research continued

I found a website called Britain from above which shows Ariel shots taken from different time eras. In this case I found one of Victoria square which was taken in 1925, one thing to note is I have a photo like this already but it reconfirms the look of the square a few years before 1930. Side note: The blue highlights are were people commented on what was there.


Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11.57.57.png


I also found a site that has postcards of the different times in Victoria square, Whilst they are hard to see they should come in useful for references.


Prudential tower can be seen to the left.


This gives us an idea of how the trams crossed Monument bridge, it looks as though two trams can do across the bridge at the same time.




This image will be good to reference from due to the building not being there anymore as it was bombed during World War 2. Today it is now the Barclays bank with no real resemblance to this building.  This image gives me a good idea of the overall structure and shape along with window placement.


This gives us an idea of how the tram lines looked near the city hall, so this would be useful to implement into the engine for extra detail. I also found some images of the square and the surrounding area in a few books I found.


Looking at the image and reading the text it seems that it was common for cars to pass over the bridge.


Circus passing over Monument bridge in 1864, it’s worth noting how people are on the roof of the Docks office building(maritime museum) which makes this all a rather unique photo.



The image on the left clarifies that the floor was cobblestone which clears up some confusion, also gives us a good look at the lights which two can be seen on this image.


This gives us a rather clear image of the square which looks to be dated in the 1903-09 stage due to the city hall being under construction. It gives us a particularly clear look at the centred building which is now a bank and a completely different building today.


If we ever need to implement an ambulance this image should help, clearly showing how they looked.



1916 fire brigade, just like the ambulance this could be useful if the need to implement them arrives.


A toffee and sweet delivery van. I could image this parked up in the square potentially unloading a delivery to a shop, who knows could come in useful.


Judging by this Monument bridge was built again to possibly cope with more taxing loads such as trams, cars and such. So we need to make sure when modelling we don’t model the old bridge.





Image credit –

Britain from above


BBC images



Postcards of Victoria square –



Books used –

Hull Then & now 2

Hull as it was

Hull & East riding Early days on the road




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