Heritage research- Penny Dreadful

In our group we all decided to go off and research into a piece of media, whether that be a book, game or film etc. I decided to look into the TV series Penny Dreadful, as the setting comes to mind for the overall aesthetic we are aiming for, which is a grungy, dark, fog riddled crime scene.

The show takes place from 1891 within the industrial revolution in London and has a great take on the look during this era. More than anything, the costume design will come in useful for when we start considering what people will be wearing in our game. I took some screenshots of the show to reference costumes, objects and the general aesthetic and atmosphere of the era portrayed in series.


Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 15.45.59.png

Rain perfectly captures the drab undertones the show is going for. It’s also worth noting how the rain reflects the moonlight on the cobble stones for when we put our game into unreal.


Whilst in 1930 the horse and carriage was being phased out by cars and trams they were still used so it is worth looking at the carriage design like this one, with its large wheels and leather padded inside doors. It is also notably compact compared to more stereotypical carriages.


A gun from the late 1800’s. If we carry on with our crime scene idea maybe a gun could be involved, so it is worth looking into weaponry such as this.


London tower under construction, again the show doesn’t loose its theme with a cloudy, smoggy, industrial aesthetic. With boats like this being so close to Victoria square it could resemble such a tone as this.


Poverty within the show.

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 17.04.38.png

Posters advertising the front page of there newspapers. We could use something like this in our game to increase the detail and believably.


Thick heavy fog adds mystique to the scene. If our crime scene has something like this it could add an uneasy tension, lack of visibility will also make it more difficult for bearings which could lead to disorientation and make it harder searching for clues.



Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 15.55.26.png

Detective at a crime scene within the show wearing a trench coat and leather gloves.





All images from Penny Dreadful  –






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