Interactive environments – Transport museum

Here are some examples of older uses of interactivity within the transport museum. These are designed in order to keep the people interested and engaged, which also makes them stay longer and creates revenue. The longer people stay the busier it gets, which in turn makes it look more successful to people just arriving.

img_1035img_1036Something such as this does not add much, but can be fun to try out and adds to the engagement and time spent being there.

img_1037img_1038This interactive element was meant to show of the inner workings of a vehicle turning, but when activated did not work unfortunately.

img_1039img_1040img_1041A game like this introduces competitive game play to players by using the wheels on each side(underneath the display, to dark to see). This requires the player to spin the wheels in order to move the car and overtake the other, first person to the end wins. It also has relation to vehicles so I can see why this is put here.


More contemporary uses of the interactivity have been modernized within day to day life for example, the image you see above looks like an old virtual reality, which today you can see and move with a 360 video and interact within games/videos. Oculus rift and vive along with a few others allows this, which can add huge amounts of immersion and add an extra layer of depth using something like the HTCvive motion controls. These can simulate hand movements which can create some interesting possibilities. Whether or not these games add an awful lot to the museum experience is debatable, they did not teach me an awful lot but some was at least related to transportation. On the other hand, some were not related in the slightest and had no purpose to educate or teach me anything. However, I am not exactly its target audience, I am sure kids that go on school trips will find this interesting and keep them engaged for longer, giving them a break from the walls of text.




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