Intro to game theory

Today we got briefed on the Intro to game theory which consist of the phycology of video games and why they work like they do. We was introduced to mihaly csikszentmihalyi who talks about flow and how it effects people, this is not directly created for games but indirectly does effect games. He showed a diagram that goes into the certain areas and how each person falls into these areas, without going into to much detail, they relate to games because it includes elements such as control and worry.



Here is the flow chart


Another person that was introduced to is was Rodger Callios who talks about Agon and Alea, this also falls into games, again, without going into detail Agon is a word for contest and can be applied to competitive.


Abraham Maslow is also another thing to consider when thinking of such things in this area, the well known Maslow’s hierarchy comes into play here also.


This links into games because as you can tell, many of these link into games. From the bottom we have survival games such as Rust or DayZ. These include all the above of the pyramid from safety, building house for security, belongingness such as socialising with people within game and becoming part of the community. Moving up we have esteem and the feeling like all the ‘loot’ you have collected mean something and makes you feel proud. So that gun a player worked really hard to get, gets this satisfaction of accomplishment. Completing such a game or in these games cases one could argue is being the best you could possibly be, maybe you have the best house/fortress in the game with all the loot you need. You have reached your full potential and you feel you’ve done all you need to do. Not all games are representative of this though however, some may only include 1 or more but not all.

These are all just some quick notes and thoughts of todays session, so my plan is from here to research into all of them extensively to find how they interweave into games.



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Flow chart –


Maslow hierarchy





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