1930 Victoria square research

Victoria square in the 1930’s looks considerably different to the way it looks now. However, there are many buildings which still stand today which were built before the 1930’s. First and foremost is the Hull city hall which was built by Joseph hirst between 1903-09 and was bombed during the war in 1941. So there may be some differences to how it looks now compared to then.
Ferens art gallery which is still prevalent today used to be Victoira art gallery which was built in 1910 but was later moved to the new building which is Ferens art gallery today. Research suggest that after 1927 the move took place so during 1930 we should have the Ferens building as an art gallery.
I gathered a few quick images on my Phone in order to reference what the square looks like today. I’m going to gather more photos on my dslr in the future for higher resolution shots which will allow me to zoom in without loosing as much detail, as well as allowing me to get better quality textures.


Here are a few images I found in the library and museum which gives us a greater understanding of the square in the 1930 era.
Notably the statue is a lot lower than it is today with no toilets underneath which is a considerable change. Also the text says it was 35 feet which will be very helpful for modelling.
This confirms how the maritime museum and the city hall have not changed from what I can notice which means our references of these buildings should be very accurate. There is also the Wilberforce statue present on this image.
Here is the building where the bank is today. The building is not the same as it is today, and reading the text it says it was bombed during the war. So it seems that after the war it was rebuilt differently and stayed the same until present day. So during 1930s before world war 2 the building would look as it is in this photo.
Text says Wilberforce statue was moved in 1935.
Here is an aerial shot of of the whole square taken in the early 1920’s. The Ferens art gallery is not here in this shot but by 1930 it was moved as I learned from research which you read above. Also there is a bridge(called monument bridge) going over next to where princess quay is with the Wilberforce statue there to.

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