Using bitmap2material

By using this tutorial by Allegorithmic it allowed me to get a better idea of how to use bitmap2material and how it can be used in order to speed up workflow.


Instead of manually creating normal maps, gloss maps etc. This software creates them all while allowing you to tweak the settings in real time, allowing you to see how they effect your texture before exporting.



I broke of from the tutorial and decided to experiment with some of the settings myself to see how they could effect the texture. Needless to say I was impressed at the ease of the software which allowed me to create something that is more realistic and better looking in a relatively short time frame. Of course I am just scratching the surface, and I am excited to see the possibility of what can be created when I learn how to fully take advantage of this powerful program.


I then put the texture into 3ds max and compared the two.


As you can see the difference is clear, left is pbr were as the right is normal. They both have the same omnidirectional light over them with the same brightness and you can see how the pbr reflects more accurately over the normal. It is also clearer and more defined when compared to the other.





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