The street building final

Here are a few renders of my completed building for The street project. Some textures such as the stone wall are my own, whilst others are the 3ds max materials. Overall I am happy how the building has developed and looked. It was the first time I have properly used textures on one of my models and it is clear that more work needs to be done in learning the unwrap process, mainly stitching small intricate bits together becomes troublesome and difficult to do. However, due to using floating geometry on the building it made texturing significantly easier than just modelling it as a whole. Over summer I plan on becoming more accustom to learning the technique in order to texture object like this and ones more complicated.


Front view of building high quality 2


As you can see from this render I experimented with particle effects and how rain could look with the building. I made the floor glossy which glows with the lights and windows, so I thought the rain would add to the effect of the wet look on the ground and to some effect it has.

rain render


You can also view my model in Sketchfab with the link found here –


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