Creative futures semester 2 reflection

The work I have created for semester 2 has greatly improved from semester one in my opinion. In semester 1 I did not fully grasp the creative process and how to utilise it in a way that could help me, I just thought it would slow me down. In semester 2 I started to incorporate it into my workflow in order for me to advance through the briefs. I started with idea generations such as minds maps and lists, then moved onto sketching before finally using photoshop. Still the end results I was not happy with, which is why I started to incorporate 3ds max into my work flow in order to create the ideas I had in my head. I often found that this was translated a lot better than the sketches I did before that. After saying that however, sketches where invaluable often saving time due to me not having to 3ds model everything I had in my head, or even just sketching basic scenes so I could translate that into 3ds max.

For example, here is my rendered scene from the bridge project –

bridge view final

And here is the one for Their pride and joy brief

boat final image


The difference is huge to me how much stronger my modelling work is, compared to sketching and digital colouring on Photoshop. Still with that in mind I can still see progress from my Photoshop work such as this and will continue practicing with the software. If I could change this now I would move the composition closer to the boat instead of trying to focus in on everything, I would also try and make the colours more realistic instead of it looking cartoon like with outlines going over objects.





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