The bridge project on Unreal engine

For The bridge project I created a wild western scene with a bridge connecting two sides of a  canyon. I decided to put this into the Unreal engine to demonstrate how this would work within a game, with the bridge being the vantage point over the rest of the map offering a high ground advantage to whoever is up there. Though there is also a disadvantage due to there being limited cover, not only that but also being a bigger target due to them being more visible up on the bridge making them a bigger target.



As I imported it some problems became apparent immediately. The biggest was scaling. The buildings off in the distance were not scaled correctly along with a host of other objects and scenery, which if this was to become an actual map for game play would be unacceptable. Some other issues were the polys on some of the models on the scenery with you being able to see through them. This can be remedied by going back into 3ds max and flipping the polys. When I went into making this scene I never considered using real world scale which has effected the outcome of the quality, because of this I will now consider the scale in everything I model.








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