Food vendor research

There is more chance that not that you pass a food vendor most days within a city. Whether you are walking by a train station or a shopping mall there will most likely be one selling coffee, burgers, hotdogs etc.


Usually within games they act as scenery for the background, being placed there for immersion to add to the realistic looking city. But some games take advantage of these and put them into game play and mechanics.


Fallout 4 vendors can be placed within a base building mechanic of the game which, when placed allows traders to go to your town. (Whilst not a food vendor I thought it may be worth covering.




Whilst not technically a food vendor, the lines are slightly blurred with this robot within Fallout 4. The robot is a chef within the game working at a bar but as you can see from the design, They are whisk and instruments inside that within the game move and stir (presumably) sauces and food. For the most part it is interesting design that I thought would be fitting.




Within grand theft auto 4 you can buy hotdogs from these vendors in the game. Mostly there to add to the immersion and the city, they do serve a mechanic of giving you your health back, but it is certainly there just to add to realism rather than a good game mechanic.



When you think of vendors within games or films, they are most likely not note worthy enough to be mentioned, but such small details add to the experience and within films this can often be the case. The fifth element does this well by using a food vendor at the start of the film. The main protagonist is ordering takeaway from his apartment window as the vehicle/vendor hovers there whilst the characters are talking to each other. In the background you can see hover cars whiz by in the distance and gives the viewer a sense of the world within the movie. By doing this it tells a narrative within the world just by the visual representation.


Here is a clip of the scene.



Image credit –


Fallout vendor

Fallout 4 Mods Add Vendor Cosmetics, A New Weapon And BoS Outfits

Fallout placement vendor


Fallout robot –


GTA 4  hot dog vendor =-





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