Games design semester 2 reflection

For this semester I have focused on working on Watership down, the children’s book which I had to develop into an rpg game. I have created a game proposal document, UI, Huds, icons, characters among others. Looking back at it all in retrospect, I can see areas of improvement in some places more than others. I believe that my biggest problem is planning, I do not draw and sketch enough which could (and would have) saved time in the future. I did sketch maps and UI designs but I have found myself to have a tendency of saying “I like that” without actually asking “could it be better?” With that being said, I imported sketches into Photoshop and tried different techniques on Photoshop which I have not used before. For example, I looked for different brushes which could produce the cloud effects, foliage and many others. The way I used layers also has greatly improved, along with more complicated techniques in the blending settings which you cans see from this development shot –

creating ui 7


Here is the equipment finished –

menu for watership down final

Due to the game being on mobile I wanted to take advantage of the touchscreen, so I implanted scrolling on the attacks and abilities, you would also be able to pan your character around swiping with your finger where the character preview is. I did not want the design to be to vivid to the game having fairly dark elements, so I wanted the tones to be subdued a little, but looking at it now it may look like it could use a little more colour.


I also have a problem with allocating time to different modules for example, The bridge for creative futures took a great amount of time and focus which I cannot help but feel like hurt the this module but also vice versa at different times throughout the semester. However having said that, my time management is increasingly getting better with me usually planning a day for one module, a day for another and so on and so forth.




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