Using multiple cameras in Unreal

Yesterday I wanted to learn something new with the Unreal engine. I find the software so vast in  the depth of tools, techniques and processes you could use that it is efficient to learn it small parts to take it in.  I ended up learning some of the basic elements of the Matinee tool, which allows you to script cameras, effects, sounds among other things using key frames. It has a layout that resembles editing software like Final cut, due to you having a timeline and being able to use key frames which allows you to script the cameras and everything else.


Before I came to using the cameras, I was experimenting with water physics and post processing volumes to change the look of the scene whilst underwater for the Games design module. I thought it would be a good idea to use the cameras to demonstrate the look underwater to show the aesthetics, but I believe that because I am experimenting with camera techniques it would fit better under Creative Futures.


Here I added a camera and started to figure out where to place them in the scene. I was also planning out the timeline and estimating how long I want it to be.

Using camera


Here I added another camera and started to place them both in the places I though were best. I then started to move the key frames, along with the cameras to the position I wanted it to be, relative to the key frame time.

Using multiple cameras


I had a problem at this stage once both the cameras were set and the key frames allocated, due to the cameras not switching over when I wanted to. It just stayed on camera one. I then discovered that you need to set a director track which allows you to add cameras and set cut to them at certain times. After completing this the process was complete.

Using multiple cameras 2




Here is the video of it working –




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