Food vendor development

For the food vendor task I decided to mind and then draw out a few sketches of different few vendors from various different locations and time periods.


Mind map.JPG









Burger vanCarnival vendorIce cream cartlemonade stallsci fi coffee vendor


I instantly liked the idea of some kind of futuristic setting,  with some kind of automated coffee machine vendor that hovers around a part of busy metropolis city. I immediately jumped into 3ds max to start developing this idea of the sketch you can see above.

As for the design it has not changed to much from the original design. The overall shape and thrusters are in tact, along with the coffee machine and overall shape. I added more detail into the thrusters with tubes and bolts attached to them, making it slightly more interesting and leaning towards a steam punk vibe. I also wanted it to have some kind of 1950’s feel to it, which is probably due to my love for the Fallout games which have the same style.



A maintenance robot from fallout.



I did not mean to intentionally go with this style, nor do I think mine looks like this style at all, but the way they advertise in game is something I could image the vendor going with –



fallout advertisement


I can image the coffee vendor to be advertised in a style like this. In some kind of 50’s quirky style, with some kind of name like coffee vendor 3000 or something. I’m sure there are better quirkier names out there.

Here are a few test renders I have accumulated whilst testing out different angles and lighting.

Test rendertest render 2test render 3test render 4 with added boltstest render 5test render 6


I feel as if I have jumped into this brief to fast, as soon as I saw the sketch I new I wanted to model it, but I still feel as if more sketches need to be done, iterations to made and variations of models creating. I think I need to step back and iterate on the model, improve it, add more detail or even do another setting entirely. So I think for now I am going to continue adding small details and improving the renders.



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