Developing control scheme and hud

Since my rpg game is going to be on mobile I have been considering how to implement the controls within the game. It is easy to over complicate the hud with a plethora of options and tabs, especially within an rpg game and some games can justify this. But within a mobile game you have limited real estate and it can get convoluted and confusing really fast as I have talked about on a previous blog.



Up to now I have planned it to look like this –

Controls on phone.jpg



Only showing elements that are essential is extremely important, making sure the player sees as much of the game as possible without the hud obscuring the view. The objective is present only when tapped, inventory to manage items, party members, settings etc. Rabbit count within Warren and time of day with weather, plus analog stick appearing when the screen is touched and dragged. Experience points need adding which I will probably allocate at the bottom of the display, along with health. Both these things should get done today.

Controls on phone close up.png


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