Cats notes

2nd may part 2
essay 30%
2000 word essay
turn it in online submission
10% word allowance
independent study priority
try using books
15 weeks
learning outcomes
  • comparison essay 2000 words 
  • analyses 
  • text seminar reflection
  • overall presentation
research what is an academic argument and how to writ from a crucial perspective
marxism and feminism within the gaming world
make a blog to evidence that I have researched academic argument and crucial perspective
1818 1883     marxism theory
found  of communism
equal society where everybody lived equally
rich and poor conflict
anti thesis – thesis
find two games with ruling class and two for feminism
gta franchise
bioshock infinite
karl marx
overthrow class system  flee germany
modern work is alienated
workers need to see themselves in the object they have created
modern work hard to find the progress you have made and what you have contributed
won’t be cast out with communism
shrink wages of workers
capitalist see progress as a reward
theft robbing people of what they could create
crisis created from abundance rather than a shortage
few of us actually need to work
unemployment should be called freedom he arguess
marriage was an extension of financial benefits – commodity fetishism
economy creates idioogly
person who doesn’t work is worthless
world without private property, centralised control banking
he wanted everyone to be what they wanted
Karl max was born in 1818 and died on 1883. He was the found of communism , which started by his theory Marxism. Karl fled Germany in order to overthrow the class system as he believed that everybody should be equal and nobody should be singled out. Due to how humanity was progressing he  saw that we became so efficient, that many had trouble getting work and that it would become an even larger problem in the future. Another dilemma of this is how because they are so many of us, it is hard for a single worker to see their contribution to humanity leaving them feel worthless.
He also talks about how capitalism weaved its way into society creating barriers between classes causing an incompatibly of sorts with lower, middle and upper all been distinct and separated only by money.
different types of weddings –
  • religious ceremony
  • civil ceremony
  • formal wedding
  • informal wedding
  • destination wedding
  • cruise wedding
  • eloping
  • group wedding
  • double wedding
  • military wedding
  • proxy wedding
  • same sex wedding
north Korean
wears red wedding dresses instead of a western white dress
has chickens at the ceremony
not familiar with honeymoons
why are weddings so expensive
don’t tell the bride
quote as beautiful as you are

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