Cats notes 2

session aim – provide brief overview
sociological perspective
structural, conflict theory
men can be feminists s
concerned with exploring inequalities that exist between men and women within society from a female perspective and illustrate how males dominate social relationships and restrict the opportunities of women
1930s right to vote
Harry enfield: know your limits
Whats the message? is it satirical or is there an underlying message?
campaigners for equality for women bought about feminism
at the beginning of the 20th century, women were campaigning for equal rights in terms of education marriage employment and politics
second wave feminism emerged as a challenge to existing social theories which were male stream meaning dominated by male thinkers and therefore bias, sexist and packing in emotional focus and a female perspective on things
emmeline pankhurst born in manchester
housewife to mp and barrister and he agreed with her views
promote equality for women
led the British suffragette movement
fought and succeed in allowing women to vote
summer 1914 1000s suffragette had been imprisoned. world war was a turning point for the campaign.
women worked in factories  to work that men normally did
gave women over the age of 30 right to vote
1928 extend to all women over the age of 21
women earn average of 80% of what men earn doing the same job
women exploited by men
society is male dominated or patriarchal
perspectives of different feminists
radical germaine greer – Australian academic writer, journalist and scholar
feminist believe that men are the enemy and control, exploit and oppress women through the process of patriarchy
men give up their patriarchy
women exist without men and self reproduce
women keep their lives operate form men
abolish the nuclear family unit
marxist – 1970s a number of women began to draw upon the marxist theory to explain oppression of women in society
they do not see women oppression arising sole from patriarchy, but primarily from capitalism that forces the to be upped labourers and nurture in order to maintain capitalism
från ansley 1972 – believes that women suffer as a result of capitalism due to being the takes of shit
whereby hey absorb their husbands frustration at his powerlessness and status in a capitalist society
she argues that women act as a safety valve that ensures that capitalism continues and the bourgeoise remain powerful and wealthy
liberal feminism – more of a political movement
ten to citticse other feminists for ignoring the progress that has been made in society with regards to gender inequality
they are also more likely to agree that gender roles are also limits to men
ann oakley
focuses research on identifying discrimination and lack of equality of opportunity
difference feminism
3 branches of feminism we have sit considered tend to see women as a single group who share the same interests experiences and types exploitation
difference feminism that has much in common with postmodernism argues that women have a variety of interests and needs and are not single unite group
video game feminists
e3 – having women trying to attract male attention
dirt racing game women was covered in dirt
women used as sex symbols within games

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