Accumulation of narrative development


I made a few sketches of different scenes I thought would be interesting before I would go into 3ds max and model, which is more time consuming then sketching.


Looted mini mart sketch –

looted mini mart


Sketch of a vehicle converted into a tree house – I wanted this to be set in a futuristic time period, with the vehicle looking like the Delorean out of Back to the future but with spheres on the side which enable it to hover. But it had crashed into a tree and rusted there over time until some kids converted it into a tree house, I would have a light orange glow coming from the window coming from a lantern inside the vehicle with the outline of children. The sketch doesn’t convey any of that but I tried nevertheless.

tree house vehicle



I decided I liked the beach bar the most out of them all and started modelling. I started by trying to convey a beach bar look, getting the basic shape was important but unique style was very important.


beach hut


I ended up creating a shape like this inspired by research images I collected. But I did not like the way it looked, something did not look quite right with the overall look and shape so I started again.

orignal design


I ended up creating a similar design but with small tweaks to improve it, with room for a fire pit in the middle, possible for cooking or just keeping warm.


beach hut 2.JPG


The next step was creating objects around the bar to make it look realistic and believable. I created shelf’s that hold alcoholic beverages on either side of the bar. I then created some beer bottles and mugs to go around the outer part of the bar, along with chairs.

objects for beach bar.JPG


beach hut chairs around bar.JPG


I also added lanterns to go around the outside…

creating lights.JPG

I wanted the fire pit to have a fire effect, before I would use orange/red lighting in order to give the effect but I decided to learn how to create the fire within 3ds max.


making flame fire effect.JPG

The fire effect render… I did not like how the fire looked, it went to high and the detail is not to great so I went back and changed a few settings to lower it.

fire test render .jpg

I believe the fire to look a lot better with this look rather than the one above.

beach hut render 3.jpg


Another thing I wanted to create but I did not know how was creating cloth. After watching some tutorials and playing around with the settings I was able to achieve this –


cloth created.JPG

So I added that to a chair and a barrel within the scene.


cloth on chair 2.JPG

I also experiment with lighting and the scene around it



I did not like the look of this, the material sand on 3ds max and the sea I could not get the look I wanted to achieve. The sea was to bright and I couldn’t get the brightens down on it, but I have to assume it was due to the way I set my lighting up.

test render with waves

I instead created a render box hoping that would look better. I also took the lighting out of the side lights after deciding the lighting looked out of place.

different material 2

I changed the sky light colours to achieve a warmer environment, conveying a sunset on the horizon, but still the look was not right.


So in the end I decided to render with no scene or render box.

test lighting render

I think textures would help with this greatly to convey the look I wanted, But unfortunately for now I can not get the lighting how I want either. I also had problems rendering some polygons, with some being transparent when rendered which meant I had to flip some polygons in order for them to render. This was due to the way I built the structure of the bar but I realised to late on. Looking back it has made me realise I need to be more careful and considered when building structures as a whole, I believe that maybe creating each part as floating geometry would be more beneficial and easier in the long run, for example, making the floor, roof and the sides etc. Especially is something is wrong with a certain segment, it would be easier to make again rather than rebuilding the entire thing.



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