Accumulation of narrative

For this brief, we have to look at the objects that have accumulated over time for a character within a certain settings. The scenes are – 
  • The game artist shelf 
  • The doctors office, 2050ad
  • A beach bar
  • A 1940’s/1950’s doctors office
  • An abandoned mini mart, post looting
  • A barbershop
  • A maverick science nut/ conspiracy theorist apartment 
  • A derelict car park behind a disused youth centre 
  • A vehicle converted into a kids tree house
Looking at these I am very undecided on which one to pick. I like the idea of the 50’s style but not the doctors setting. A maverick science but sounds intriguing as well as the vehicle in a tree house, and the abandoned mini mart reminds me of something I have seen out a game called Fallout. For some reason I am drawn to the beach bar however, it is something I would not normally pick and I think it would be a change from something I would normally go with. I am going to do some research and gather some images of all of these settings to see which one I like the most of. 
I have gathered some research images here on Pinterest –

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