Texturing for building progress

Today I have been trying to to texture my building for “The street” project. I have not been experimenting to much with textures this semester. I have gotten use to using the materials on 3ds max and over relied on these in order to produce the look I want, but of course these are very limited.

So for the building I have decided to go out and get some textures to use for it, but I still need to get more. I started with a pot which is located on top of the building in order to start small, so I can get used to uv unwrapping.


I followed a technique on Youtube which showed me to texture like this –

new pot template


new pot template t


You then go into Photoshop with the template and put the texture into the shapes, but when it is textured you can see the seams…


So I started again using the stitching method in uv wrapping in order to make the texture look seamless bending around the curves to create this look –


wordpress example.jpg


Still unwrapping and stitching is a technique I find difficult and is something I need to work on, the building, which is the most complicated, has proven difficult but I tried nevertheless… I ended up with some going okay but some ending up like this –

wordpress example 2.jpg


The texture has warped and stretch creating this look meaning that somewhere along the line the stitching has failed, It is clear to me that this technique will require me a lot more practice to become competent with it.


The building as of now looks like this –

wordpress example 3.jpg

Details still need to be added, such as the door, I also need to add glass, get a texture for the roof and go back and re-unwrap the building and try it again .








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