Human anatomy research

After completing project B of “multiple and diverse characters”  I have decided to move onto project A of the brief and research some anatomy. I am constrained by time with the deadline for hand ins quickly approaching, but I shall try and complete as much as this project as I can before the deadlines.

In order to draw people accurately, it is greatly beneficial and almost necessary to under the anatomy of the human body to some degree. This will help with the project significantly, since I do not have to much knowledge of the anatomy of our bodies. I have compiled some research below on important information, and mostly pictures, showing me the muscle locations and positions, allowing me to understand how these can affect posture, position, injury and damage to the body.

  • The appendicular  skeleton is made up of 126 bones.
  • The skull has 22 bones.
  • 700 named muscles




foot anatomyjumpmaxresdefaultwoman anatomy






When I draw people,  I do not take to much consideration of anatomy and I have unforeseen how much of this  has hindered and slowed my progress of drawing. From the skeleton, to the muscles and flesh their is a wealth of details that need to be considered when drawing.

I have found this website which should help me with getting the basic shapes of the the human body, with different postures and the correct proportions for each segment. I am now going to start drawing basic proportions and will blog my results in another blog post.





Image credit –

Muscle Anatomy

How to Draw Female Anatomy


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