Target market for Watership down

I am aiming my target market to appeal with gamer’s who have grown up with role playing games such as,  older  Final Fantasy’s 1-6, Chrono trigger, Baldur’s Gate etc. Games with rpg depth and strategy that makes the player think about there choices.

Recent rpg games that have the Jrpg styles are Bravely default, Zenonia which is a mobile game in a real time combat style, The Persona series(mainly 4). are also another market that I am aiming my game to appeal to.


Final Fantasy 5 

final fantasy 5.png


Baldur’s gate 

baulders gate.jpg

I plan on releasing my game on a mobile platform for a few reasons. A trend has emerged where Square Enix and other developers have started to release there Final fantasy game on mobile, this is presumably due to trying to appeal to audiences who did not grow up with older consoles such as the Playstation 1, but have a mobile or have a family member that owns one. Meaning that there is a huge market there of players who would play an rpg game such as this, that would not have bought into it any other way. Plus it combats people emulating due to added features such as cloud saving, remaster of visuals etc.

Mobile device are getting immensely more powerful each year catching up to desktop architecture, and while it is not going to catch up to a fully specked gaming pc, the game I am developing won’t need the power and grunt of this. Plus due to the accessibility of developing for mobile combined with a wide range of demographics of all ages, it makes for a great platform to develop for. If the game was to finish development, porting would be considered for realease on ps vita – a platform full of indie games and Jrpgs but small on device ownership, 3ds – another device full of idea games and massive 1st party games with many rpgs, fitting for a game like mine and steam, with another huge demographic with over 125 million active users ( The platform has many genres and algorithms for recommending games to players, meaning that if a player buys rpg games, more games of that type will get suggest meaning more chance of my game being found. Another thing the platform encourages is “tagging”. This feature allows players to tag the player with a few words what it is, so Final Fantasy IX has “story rich”, “Great Soundtrack” Tagged to it meaning that if players searched for “Great Soundtrack” it would come up with this and others with tag. Again, increasing the chances of discovery.

Tag system found in the bottom right

steam tag

Going back to mobile, Ios and android have huge markets. Iphone have sold millions, over 700 million approximate( But of course, not everyone one of these are on the latest versions of ios, with some being to old to run latest versions and the newest games.

Iphone 4s and above have access to Ios 9, meaning that they have technology such as “Metal” ( which enhances performance and efficiency. Adoption rates for the new software are also high( meaning that my game would be optimised better for these devices. The adoption rate is over 75% for ios 9 and ios 8 is on 19% meaning that my game would run on 94% of devices.

Android is largely more fragmented in terms of its software, so it would be more tricky to develop on. With so many different devices, screen sizes, optimisations, some not running the latest software is becomes tricky to develop, often having to priotise some devices over us, generally ones which most people have(Samsung, Htc, Sony) but some tablets, smaller and budget brands can get left in the dust. Due to this I would priotise ios development over android.

Ios users are also more likely to buy apps, with data showing that is brings in twice as much revenue compared to android(, though downloads are twice as high for the google play store meaning that a free to pay model would turn out better. I would much prefer to go down a pay once purchase, then there is no pay to win, or pay for abilities, or having advertisements popping up. Any of these would comprise the game.

As for payments in the store… the prices are unlike retail pricing for big blockbuster games. Depending on the amount of content I have identified what would be an acceptable price for the game.

  • 79p not to much of content, generally has simple addicting mechanics.
  • £4 generally has considerably more depth and game play. (terraria, monument valley)
  • £8 high in content and production (Oceanhorn, port for Baldur’s gate)
  • £12 or more considerablly high for a mobile game, only high profile games generally do this such as the ports for Final Fantasy’s, Chrono trigger)

I would price my game somewhere between the 79p and £4 if it were to get a full release. Anything above this would seem unappetising  to most people

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Steam has over 125 million active users, 8.9M concurrent peak

iOS App Store brings in 2x more revenue than Play Store despite seeing half the downloads

iOS 8 hits 72% adoption in latest data, still trails iOS 7 rate a year ago (Updated 2x)

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