Watership down rpg maker

Today I downloaded rpg maker in order to progress my games development. Since I have never used this software before, I thought it would be a good time to get acquainted with it. I plan on creating a battle sequence within this, so I have just started to look at how to import sprite characters into the software.

I also started to create part of the environment within the game using the rpg maker assets as you can see here –


rpgmaker 2.JPG

For the battle sequence I am going to have it showing the Rabbit fiver, fight against either a farmer or another rabbit. For now however, I just chose a farmer. To create this sprite I went onto a website called Character generator which allows you to customize a character changing various attributes such as skin tone or eye colour and then moving onto clothes, armour and other various aspects.


Here is a screenshot of creating the farmer on the website


creating a character.JPG


I also searched for some rabbit sprite which I found here http://www.rpgmakercentral.com/topic/2399-grannys-lists-animal-sprites/ in order to help my prototype.


Here are the rabbit I ended up choosing

rabbit for rpg maker 3


One problem I have come across is a white box appearing around a character, but I resolved this by going into Photoshop and making the background transparent.

green boxfixed white box


I now plan on continuing on prototyping and finding out how to initiate  a battle sequence between the farmer and the rabbit.


Rabbit sprite credit –




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