Semester 1 – Non contmepory influences

How are non contemporary influences relevant in todays world of modernisation? Software such as Photoshop, Illustrator paired with a drawing tablet can replace pen and paper but does that mean the techniques used before it have been replaced by better means? No. The way perspectives look on a digital image is still as important as it is on a more traditional piece, same can be said for lighting and a whole range of other techniques.
Incorporating traditional drawings with a scanner and transferring it with more contemporary means can only equal more interesting new possibilities, skills and techniques. Another benefit to this is the possibility of speeding up production time to reach the end product, making a mistake no longer means that a drawing/painting is ruined. A quick tap of the undo button can resolve an error without having to start again.
Another non contemporary influence is the effect of chiaroscuro art, this is how the contrast between light and dark is used. Techniques such as this can be used on photoshop, using the burn tool you can create darker spots on the image in order to make it look more realistic. The dynamics of light can be complicated with some areas darker than others, is it sunlight or artificial? This could dictate the tone it has.
Here is an example of chiaroscuro technique.
Here is an image I found showing the effects of light on an object.
So is it cheating using photoshop or any other digital means to create or continue working on a drawing? Of course not, it only enhances and creates new ways of creation.
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