Oceanhorn Hud

Ocean horn is an action rpg developed for iOS which has Zelda esque gameplay. The ui is rather simple and it is not overly complicated as you can see from this screen shot. To move you put your finger anywhere on the screen and then move your finger in the direction you want to go, by doing this is allows the game to be comfortable to control, as there is not one place with a directional pad where your finger has to be. It is however, worth noting that you can connect a controller for more control.
Health is located at the top and is represented in hearts which, when hit depletes half of it. By showing hearts like this, it clearly shows the player quickly how much health they have and know that when they get hit they will lose that exact amount of health, which in turn allows the player to take more risks. Important items also appear underneath such as the key as you can see, which is easily visible and clearly defined.
Map is located in the top right corner and can easily be seen with a clear orange icon representing where you are, along with blue dots as a point of interest and then an orange with an outlined circle showing where you objective is on the map.
When you click on the map it comes up with this overlay… It shows useful information such as the play level and how much experience points they need to level up, small bonus challenges to keep the player engaged, then inventory items. To navigate you slide your thumb from left to right which allows for seamless navigation across.
As you you reach the other side, you will find some simple settings there with the rest of the typical menu screen buttons you would typically see.

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