Street research continued

For my building I have decided that I  want to start building a Parisian like cafe so I have started to look into the architecture of Paris. I have compiled images I have found onto my Pinterest Street here  –

I have also found some websites which have helped in me understanding the types of architecture.

The type of buildings in paris changed depending on the period and the organisation of the people.

These periods can be broken down like this

  • Roman

Paris was founded as a roman city called Lutetia but underwent a collapse as it went onto medieval times. Columns and arches where still used to show the strength of the Romans within there mighty architecture.

  • Medieval

During the medieval period the buildings become disorganised due to the lack of organisation, order had been removed and buildings were worked on by lesser skilled carpenters. Most of the population of Paris lived in what is called Gable houses which was originally made of timber, but was later changed to stone and mortar providing better structure to the buildings.

  • Renaissance

Notre Dame was made during this period and is one of the most iconic buildings still there to this day, during this period buildings were made with symmetry and proportion due to an Italian architect called Sebastiano Serlio.




  • Classical

During this period the architecture of Paris found itself becoming its own rather than just Renaissance and Rome, classicism buildings where created with elements from Roman and renaissance buildings mixing them together, pair that with the architecture that was already there from the previous period and the variety of buildings quickly added up. Architects were also encouraged in the city by the Académie Royale d’Architecturee which taught students the theories behind the buildings.


  • Revolution (1789-1793)

During the revolution the architecture of Paris was not damaged to severely and during this period many architecture still worked during this period and then after, allowing for the Classicism style to continue on until modern day.



Image credit –

Notre Dame

Classicism building

Paris cafe –

Top 5 Paris cafes

References –





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