Mechanics for Atlantern (1 day game project)

Mechanic –
lantern fish
Difficulty settings – The higher the difficulty setting the faster you move through the environment, making it harder to dodge with less reaction time.
1 hit and you die on all settings
Maybe learn some kind of pattern?
  • Underwater, dodge rocks, fish dangerous within the caves
  • eel causes electronic shocks to pass through the vicinity which the player would have to dodge
  • lantern fish glows lighting up the cave on difficult levels
  • slide finger up or down to navigate
fish or submarine?
fish with a laser?
recharge within 5 seconds
control the angler fish by moving thumb up and down
environments get progressively harder as the time goes on
each section last for a minute
transition period 5 seconds
gets smaller and more narrow as it goes along
meanders more as it goes on
each minute the area changes to a different area
Volcanic area
cave goes wider more wider volcanic vents
dodge hot bubbles
Lava rocks flying upwards
Marinas trench
super dark
lantern glows but filed of view limited
weird fish you have to dodge
dodging falling objects
creatures in that area that has to be dogged
crashed ufo
submarine could light up the area with the light for a brief amount of time
Goblin sharks
fishing area
with nets that you have to dodge
in open water
divers need to be dodged
divers fire harpoons that need to be dodged
jelly fish
Sunken pirate ship
moving through ship
avoiding ammunition barrels
canon balls need to be dodged
bones floating around
Military area 
submarines going by launching missiles
sea mines big spikes
Toxic clouds need to dodge
Coral reef 
exotic fish in swarms
oil barrels
collapsing corral reef
providing obstacles
Cold climate – Antarctica 
dodging Ice bergs
currents which can slow you down effecting your time
multiple paths
in certain areas
2 doors or caves systems that spilt off
have different scenery
one path gives you more time where were as the other gives you less
and then they both merge together again for the next area
paths can appear random areas
Infinite procedurally generated to keep content fresh and help it from becoming stale and repetitive.
Parallax motion to be included creating interest backgrounds and adding layers to the enivmomernt, such as seaweed swaying and bubbles rising in the background.
higher the time better the score
Social – leaderboard to compete with friends to see how far you have got. This will keep players coming back, perhaps enabling app notifications to notify player of when there friend beats there score which shall keep players coming back for more.
Not using this mechanic anymore –
further you get the more chance of picking up pearls
weapon upgrades cost pearls
laser can be upgraded
burst fire – 5 pearls
laser swipe – 15 pearls
area effect blast – shotgun like  – 25 pearls
Superhexagon  one game mechanic –
Alone one game mechanic –

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