Atlantern menu design

I decided to plan out how the menu would look and how is the best way to navigate and focus on what is important, playing the game. I started out with a more traditional menu that had the basics of what you needed but did not have much flair, looks visually unappealing and does not promote playing the game as much as what I would like. So I started another mockup of the menu.


atlantern menu


Here is a improved version of the first, font and the colour used on them I would say still needs changing, but on this version it clearly puts in focus what is important, with the big play button centred on the screen. When the play dies and returns here they can hit play again with no hassle, and seeing the time below motivates them to play again with them trying to beat it. Leaderboard would appear on a separate screen giving them an ability to see friends and global scores quickly, then opposite to that is the difficulty screen which would show hard, harder and hardest with the best times below each one.

The screen in the background I found as a place holder, if the game was completed we could have the game environment in the background, moving through the different areas of the game.

atlantern 3


You can find the Image used for the menu background here –


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