The street – Sketch up architecture

I used Sketchup in order to get an idea of a couple of different ideas of architecture I wanted to experiment with.  I created this street in order to get a quick realisation of how they would look in 3d space, before going into 3ds max and moving onto progressing and creating a finalised  building.


Development screen shots –


the street 1

street 2street 3street 4street 5street 6street 7street 8street 9street 10

Completed street –

finished street 2finished street 3finished street

By creating these buildings I now have a better understanding of the building I want to create, but I feel as though more experimentation is needed before I start creating a finished building. The architecture, how old it is and what the building is used for I still need to consider since I am still indecisive, but I am leaning towards a rustic styled coffee shop in a Victorian building.


Animation flying through the street giving you a quick look at the buildings.


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