Multiple and diverse characters research

I used this Pinterest board in order to collect information on npcs within game, and the accessories which enhance mechanics and custimisation such as the Bioshock infinite’s sky hook.

To get an idea of what to create I created a list and a mind map to generate some ideas of the time period and the class of the street which could determine the type of clothes and people there.





Bioshocks sky hook



Typically games have key accessories that allow the player to take advantage of, and depending of the game gives you customisation over these whether it be a gun for a shooter, or a sword in which you can upgrade for a rpg. Making these objects interesting  throughout is an important element,  making sure these don’t become tedious items or gimmicks.


I also looked at some streets in order to get an idea of what type of people could live down there, what they would wear and how they would act. Also what type of items they would carry, for example, if it was a rough area they may carry a knife or some kind of object which could cause harm. Other small details such as the cars, if it was a higher class street the cars may be better, so I could consider what type of key with the brand stamp that  car may have with the person holding it. Brief cases, or premier leather bags are more likely to go up in the higher class along with better quality suits and clothing.

NYC_14th_Street_looking_west_12_2005Run-down-high-street-in-R-001Street in The Heights

As I have been walking through the city I have been looking out for different clothing and accessories and I have noted them down –

  • Wide range of phones/smartphones
  • takeaway coffee cups
  • cigarettes
  • Dslr cameras, compact cameras and camera bags
  • Cash
  • Wallets
  • Keys
  • backpacks multiple colours and different agendas – such as tech, stylish, simple
  • Cafe with people sat outside with laptops, notebooks
  • Pens/pencils
  • Suns glasses different brands and styles e.g. Ray bands



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