Multiple and diverse characters process

To start of I generated some ideas using pinterest, a list and a mind map which I covered in another blog. I then started to sketch out some blank templates of a person in which would be customisable.
Character sketch to get an understanding of the accessories and what they would look like.
character sketch.JPG
I then went to sketch out different hair styles and facial hair…
Hair styles and facial hairWomen hair sketch
Then I started to add head accessories such as earphones hats etc.
Head accessories .jpg
After this I sketch out different clothing for men and women
mens upper body clothingupper body clothing
womens clothes sketch .jpg
foot anatomy and shoes.JPG
After this I went into photoshop to add colour to certain clothing in which I liked.
different hair colours 1different hair colours 1
upper body clothing 2 colour
mens upper body clothing colourWomen hair sketch photoshopclothes colourMen trousers colour
shoes colour
After this I got the layers from the clothes, hair styles and shoes and everything else and then mixed and matched them in order to create different characters from the same template
multiple and diverse characters
I created these three characters from the different accessories and clothing that I sketched out and created. By doing this I have created different characters in which you can find within a modern day, middle class street within the centre of the city.
This brief for me, was one of the hardest I have done. Due to my weakness in drawing and proportions, sketching out characters and accessories, clothing and other items has a been a difficult task. Looking back now the ideas I generated was fairly uninspired, I used a modern day setting but I wish I put some kind of twist onto it to make it a little unique. I did start to draw a time machine that was in the shape of a band/braclet, but due to it being so late on in the project I haven’t pursued this path. Reaching this point I feel like if it was not for the deadline I could have produced some characters that would look a lot more interesting, unique or unusual. I started thinking about and alternate modern day setting with some kind of steam punk vibe clashing, clashing with a clean sustainable look. I feel like if more research was done I could have maybe thought of an idea like this earlier, maybe by looking at games such as Dishonoured which has a steam punk style set in a Victorian England setting.
Time device bracelet –
Time device.JPG
The final piece which I created on photoshop I am unhappy with, better planning would have made the final better, having four weeks to do this I believe I took the time for granted, not using it to its full potential due to poor time management. To improve the proportions need improving, drawings measured more precisely and perspectives fitting with side scroller look.
Here is a video I made showing how you can customise the character using different clothing.

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