Props and objects semester 1

  • Lamp
  • wooden cabinet
  • Wooden chairs and table
  • chandelier
  • picture frame
  • candle
  • torch
  • power generator
  • mirrors
  • hair brush
  • rug
  • wardrobes
  • power sockets
  • old wallpaper
  • clothes – pyjamas, smart, casual
  • jars
  • glass vase
  • flowers
  • quilts
  • cushions, pillows
  • keys for door
  • shower head
  • lever for lift to the basement
  • keys for car
  • mop
  • bucket
  • desk
  • files/paper
  • 1970’s style tv
  • watch
  • vinyl player and vinyls
  • 1950s radio
  • Cloths
  • handkerchiefs
  • Typewriters
  • Bar items such as multiple glasses, drinks, lamps/lights
  • window panes
  • Stanley hotel lift
Three usable or more items
  • key
  • torch
  • match
  • lantern
  • snowmobile
  • car


objects for game.JPG


I sketched a snowmobile as one of the vehicles that will be used in the escape section of the game. I then imported it into photoshop to add color and


I decided to research some images which would fit into the environment of the game. I hope from gathering images of 1970’s objects, that it will help improve the authenticity of the interior and exterior of the game. Immersion in different time periods especially, can be broken very easily if something looks out of place, which is why it is important to look at everything from that time in meticulous detail.


1970s-Fashion1970s-house-162009_1103_12.47c.-Panorama-of-Stanley-Hotel-3-picsash trayhotel interior 1hotel interior 2interior 3jarsretro_active-english-countryside-master-bedroom-tufted-headboard-cintage-beddingtuscan-blue_thumbvery-comfortable-and-stylish-1970s-leather-sofa-6851-1waredrobe








Image credit –


light –

1970s vintage lighting and more in this 1974 time capsule home


Stanley hotel

8 Things to do in Estes Park


Hotel interior 1 –
Hotel interior 2
Hotel interior 3
Ash tray

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