Semester 1 – Character description and branding

I want my character to be a strong female protagonist who is put into this environment without any recollection of how she got their. She will be suffering with amnesia and will allow the narrative to evolve around her memory, making the story more interesting and mysterious, rather than knowing a lot about the character from near the start.
Whilst her name has not being decided, it will need to be rememberable and relatable to the target demographic so the audience builds a connection with the character, rather than not being invested and not caring. Her mannerisms, the way she acts and takes in her surroundings will all have to be carefully considered in order to build a believable likeable character.
As far as branding with the clothing is concerned, I plan to have the character wear somewhat fashionable clothing in a 1970s style which is the games time period, so I have researched into a few websites to get an idea of what was fashionable at that time. I link the websites here and a few images to give you an idea of the styles I will be going for –
Websites –
Of course what the character wears will look out of place within the hotel, which will provide an interesting contrast between the protagonist and the environment, but also give the player a unnerving feeling due to her feeling out of place.
Image credit –

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