Watership down title cover ideas

I have been experimenting with different title covers for my game. By creating an aesthetically pleasing title cover it will capture the audiences attention and help them remember and recognise the game visually, hopefully staying in there mind longer. Making sure the look relates to the theme and look of the game is crucial, and is something that I am finding tricky to get a hang of. Being inexperienced at illustrator is proving this element to be tricky but, of course with more practice should equal a better title cover.


Here is my first attempt at creating a title screen, which, as you can see does not look the most aesthetically pleasing. I tried to attempt to show the the under ground element of the rabbits in the borrows, and by using the font to also reinforce this.


watership down title.png


Here is my second attempt in progress at creating a title screen… Looking at this one compared to the first looks a lot more please to the eyes and hopefully conveys some sense of adventure. I improved the font and carried over using the letters dropping down to represent burrowing, but still I see room for improvement. The clouds do not look as seamless as I would like, and I think the font could stick out a bit more and be easier to read, also putting some rabbits within to the cover would also make it more identifiable. I shall address all these and more as I carry on progressing and experimenting using illustrator.

watership down title 2.jpg


Image credit for background and other picture assets  –

Hills By  Fotofeltolto –


Clouds –




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