Branding – Semester 1

I created this mind map in order to understand the influences of branding around me, and how it could influence my creative output.

How branding effects me by people around me .jpg

Branding within job roles –


  • Creative media worker working within a production company




  • Paramedic



  • Police force





  • Fire lookout



  • Helicopter search and rescue




  • Ceo of a tech company




When designing games you have to consider how branding works within society in order to make a believable game. Games such as Grand Theft Auto is a perfect example of this. The branding within the game has to be fake(unless they have a license) so most of which has to seem real in order to be believable, often within GTA’s nature they will create branding that seems similar to its real world counter parts as a form of satire in the contemporary setting. One area which they have a license for is the radio, which they use real world music with different stations with presenters in order to add to the games immersion.

Here is one example of the sign Vinewood in game which is of course based of the Hollywood sign.


Other games use branding and sponsors to improve the authenticity of there game. Fifa the football game uses real world teams, players, clubs locations in order to create the feeling that you are playing real football matches. Just like GTA they have songs licenses that play within the menu keeping there audience engaged, and mirrors what happens in a real football match playing songs before the game starts. As the player plays the game commentators talk over the events that are happening in  real time, all improving the immersion. Another thing to note is real world advertisements around the pitch for better or worse.

fifa 15 screen.jpg


Without the branding the game has, authenticity and immersion would greatly be decreased, it would be less engaging due to the player not be able to play as there favorite team or player, they would care less and be less motivated to play if it was fake teams and player names, tops, brands. I am not a football fan but I can imagine playing this game, starting with your team at the bottom and playing until you have reached the top of the leagues to be a satisfying feeling which would be lost without the official name.

Forza horizon is another game that relies heavily on real world branding to proivde a better experience. Forza is a racing game developed for the xbox and is a spin off to the more hardcore racing sim Forza. Both of these games use real world car manufactures in the game. Here is a screen shot I got with them showing off the manufactures on there website.


Then by clicking on one of them, say Jeep…

jeep forza.JPG

It comes up with what it looks like in game and comes up with a brief description with it down below. This is an especially good marketing tactic which creates a desirability to want to drive the car and play the game. You see all the manufacturers they have on offer and if you compare it to another racing game which has fake manufacturers, you would more likely go with the one with real world cars, especially if it is a racing sim. Just like GTA Forza horizon also has its own set of radio stations, which has radio presenters that talk about such things as the weather, current events, and general topics within the game world. With multiple stations and a plethora of music it can create an immersive driving experience roaming around Italy(where the game is set)



Here is a logo I designed based on the search and rescue –

fire watch logo.JPG


Here is a search and rescue worker with the Firewatch logo –

firewatcher brand.JPG





Image credit ––looks-just-like-old-one.html


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