UI ideas for Watership down

I plan for my game to be on mobile, which means that the UI needs to be efficiently  optimised for the limited screen real estate and have the buttons in places which are easy to reach, especially attack buttons or ability buttons. Movement will consist of touching the screen and dragging in the direction you want to go like on Oceanhorn, also unlike other mobile games that do this a transparent digital pad does not appear which means its less intrusive and more immersive so I will be implanting this method into my game.


Another challenge is finding out how much information should appear on the screen and the rest within the menus, how much can you have without taking the player out of the experience and making it concluded? But as we know RPGs generally have a lot of information, stats, inventory items among others the players have to micromanage and check so streamlining this experience is vital, so making sure this all fits in a logical manner is a difficult goal to achieve, often a minimalistic refined look is hard to achieve.



I created this on illustrator noting my thought process of why it is there.

watership down ui plan.jpg

While looking a little rough around the edges now I plan to refine this and clean up the icons, making them aesthetically pleasing to the eye and continue with the continuity of the theme.


Here is a early quick UI plan for the menu with inventory, map and settings within there. I want it to be a layered style so when on equipment it will take up the whole of the menu underneath the titles.

ui plan updated



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