Research for rpg – Star wars knights of the old republic

The combat for KOTOR consist of real time combat, allowing players to target there selected enemy and attacking them with a couple of second intervals depending on the weapons. The character will have a special ability depending on the weapon also, so this could be a power blast shot or a rapid fire shot.

The game also has different classes depending on the play style you would like to go, you can choose from a Soldier, scout, scoundrel and then Jedi after a certain level. Giving the player these options allows the player to tailor the gameplay to the way they like it, instead of the game only allowing one linear way to approach situations throughout. You can also choose between attributes much like Fallout with ones such as strength, dexterity, wisdom among the likes. Skills can also be obtained so you can focus on stealth, repair and another six more allowing for greater depth in game.

UI from mobile version



Here is a screen shot from pc version of the game

star wars 2 .jpg


Looking between the two versions you can see how optimised the ui is for the small screen of a mobile. Settings are all put into one recognisable button with only save and help being worth showing as the most important ones that you would go to, the pc on the other hand allows for more options at the top, such as inventory, quest logs, party information etc. Mobile this information can be accessed through tapping icons such as the thumbnail of yourself and party members, this allows you to change weapons and set items/weapons you want on quick select which you can see on the bottom right hand side of the mobile version.

The game offers areas for the player to explore rather than a seamless open world, with the player choosing what area they would like to go to by selecting it in there ship(When they obtain it). This makes the player feel like they are travelling great distances when travelling between worlds, even though its just a loading screen to the next area.


leveling up on the game consist of a standard leveling system typical to the conventions of a rpg game. The game uses xp points in order to level up and the player gets this by completing quests, killing enemies and discovering new areas. When you level up you can chose what you want to improve such as – Strength, charisma, intelligence along side others. Another element to leveling up is by doing good or bad(which is regarded as light and dark) actions, which in the game can offer xp, but is balanced by being good gives you more xp, were as being bad gives you less xp, but it is easier to do these actions which provides the player with interesting moral choices within the game. Another thing to note is the level system is finite which ends at level 20 but other games such as the recent Fallout 4 game is infinite, but has its own set of problems such as not having the satisfaction of being fully leveled, though you could potentially get more replayability out of it depending on the type of player.

star wars rpg



Image credit and references –×450.png&bvm=bv.118353311,d.ZWU&psig=AFQjCNFmGzJOTkv44MVcArjDnQM7MLjLQQ&ust=1459512933076869&cad=rjt


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