Characters for Watership down

Hazel – The books protagonist, loyal brave, quick thinker. The player will have control over this rabbit throughout the game, I considered having the player play as different rabbits throughout being able to switch anytime or during certain segments, but I want the player to focus on levelling up hazel and feeling the progression of learning new abilities and coming stronger. During the start the player can chose whether they want Hazel to be male or female and change certain looks such as, weight, leg length, cosmetic features such as scars and what not. Depending on what the player picks it can affect the attributes of the character, so having more weight will allow the player to take more damage but will move slower and doge less becoming more vulnerable to attack.

Fiver- Runt rabbit hazels young brother often has premonitions of bad things that are going to happen. During a fight fiver can give the player warnings of upcoming attacks allowing the player to make tactical decisions based of this. Depending of the difficulty it can vary in the amount of warnings, so on hard you would expect less. Five is also fast and nimble allowing to dodge and evade attacks, but Fiver is not much of fighter so abilities such as heal is more useful for this character.

Bigwig- large brave and strong. Bigwig is the biggest of the rabbits in the group and is the main offensive fighter of them all. Heavy attacks and absorbing damage is Bigwigs main avenue of tactics. Bigwig is often reasonable, rationale and understanding in the moments that matter most and is one of the most valuable in the group.

Blackberry- clever, black tipped ears. understands things that other habits cannot comprehend. Often getting rabbits out of situations that other rabbits would not think of. Such as creating a raft to get across a river. Within the game moments like this allow the rabbits to traverse environments which would normally not be traversable, secret areas with better loot(such as armour, resources for Warren etc)  can be found using blackberry’s initiative.

Holly- former captain of sandleford. Introduced later in the game just like the book, Holly is a fighter and can be added to the party or added to the Warrens defence with other rabbits.

Strawberry- leaves Cowslips Warren to become free with the watershed down rabbits. strong and nimble and likeable to the other rabbits.

Dandelion- Often tells stories to the other rabbits providing emotional relief in moments needed the most to the rabbits. Provides Morale boost to rabbits at the Warren allowing them to work faster and increase happiness.


General Woundwort- Main antagonist. Fearless, efficient, cunning and stronger than Bigwig . Orphaned when he was younger. Woundwort is menacing, capturing other rabbits enslaving them to do his work, oppressing them and not allowing them to leave his Warren. Within the game he will capture other Warrens and the players main goal within the game is to reclaim the Warrens he has took, until finally, the player has to take down General Woundwort. This will be the main quest of the game.

Vervain – Works for General Woundwort and is ordered to kill fiver in the book but acts cowedly without General Woundworts authority. Within the game he will take out key defences and rabbits that are working at Warrens throughout the world.

Captain Campion –  Clever and loyal working for general woundwort. In the game it will be the players task to take down captain campion before going for General Woundwort.





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