Research for Rpg – Fallout

Fallout also shares similarities with Witcher but some are implemented differently. The fast travel system can be accessed anywhere within the game as long as it is outside and no enemies near. There is also an inventory system were you can mange your inventory, check the map, change radio and more. Bethesda also made this system immersive by allowing to do this in game without a traditional menu called the pip boy. Due to the implantation of this and how it is incorporated into the world it gives the game atmosphere and immersion which many rpg games miss in this regard, though admittedly it is something that cannot be avoided in most cases.

pipboy inventory.jpg
There is also a weight system implemented within the game which makes players have to think about what items they will be carrying and what strategy to go for. If you wanted to use heavy weapons for example, you will have to compromise on not having a varied amount of weapons in which say, somebody who carries small firearms and variety of other guns and items.
A quest system is also implemented into this game by having one main quest, which after the prologue you can leave and carry on later. Side quests are also in the game which allow the game to have a greater variation of scenarios that keep the game from getting repetitive. The game often encourages the player to complete side quest in order to level up the character, making sure that the character is not under levelledĀ for later missions within the main quest, not only this but it encourages exploration and discovery and gives players the ability to leave there comfort zones from the main quest and area.
Enemies scale depending on the level you are, but this also depends on the area. So some areas enemies can scale from level 5-10 and others from higher levels and is what the team has called “rubberbanding” which gives players a different variety of difficulties depending on where they are.
fallout 4 w.jpg
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