Multiple and diverse characters – Research for accessories in game

Within gta the mains protagonists have the ability to walk with a phone and take photos, calls and more. Non player able characters will also walk around with phones, drinks or even weapons within the game walking around the street. Due to this game been huge in scope, the different NPCs will have different type of clothes depending on the different types of areas you are in. So if you are in the business district of the city you are more likely to see characters in suits, than if you are in a run down part. If you do find yourself in a run down part there are more people with worn out clothes and poorer hygiene. NPCs usually wear arange of clothes depending of the weather types, such as rain coats, shorts, use umbrellas, coats, t-shirts,bikinis, sandals, formal shoes etc.
Gta phone
Fallout 4 
This game allows you to customise your character using various different items you can find in the game. You could find some sunglasses in a draw and equip them, or find a black trench coat that goes with a hat you bought from the market in game. The games gives you hundreds of clothing options in order to help you customise your look within game to make the character your own. It does not only offer great customisation though… mechanics are tied to this to offer more complexity to the game, which means that clothing has different armour attributes which can make you stronger and feel more powerful as you play. The player also has to consider the weight of each item and how much they can carry, making the layer think of what style/choice they want to go. Do they want to wear heavy armour but move slower and carry less, or lighter clothing which allows them to more nimble but take less damage. Another mechanic is pick pocketing which gives players the freedom to steal items from others, or plant bombs on them causing them to explode as you make a get away. These are just some of the impacts accessories and items can have within a game like this.
pipboy inventory
Just cause 2 
Within Just cause 2 the main accessory  of the protagonist is a grappling hook which allow the player to traverse the environment at great speeds. The game allows you to grapple onto anything withing the game, combining this with the parachute ability allows for greater mobility and diverse game play. By looking at this game it has allowed me to think about a wider range of accessories I can design within my assignment.
just cause.jpg
Within Bloodborne the character can accessorise on different items of clothing  in order to make them stronger. Some of the items that players can use is –
  • Lantern
  • Torch
  • Weapons such, axe, flamethrower, swords etc.
  • Guns such as gatling gun, Hunter Blunderbuss
Assassins creed  NPCs –
assassins creed.jpg
the witcher 3 npc

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